Name Puzzle - Natural w/ Grey Letters


How to Customize a Name Puzzle

1. Choose number of letters (2-9 Letters)
2. Enter Name (2-9 Letters). ALL CAPS

Name: Minimum of 2 letters and maximum of 9 letters. All names will be in capital letters. 
Puzzle Material: 1/4" Baltic Birch Plywood. Natural (Front), Stained (Back & Letters). Resulting in 1/2" total thickness. The back layer is the same material as the letters with unique patterns engraved for each letter.
Stand Material: All stands are made of 1/4" Natural Baltic Birch Plywood regardless of sign finish.
Sign Dimensions: 2 Letters (6x5in), 3 Letters (8x5in), 4 Letters (10x5in), 5 Letters (12x5in), 6 Letters (14x5in), 7 Letters (16x5in), 8 Letters (18x5in), 9 Letters (20x5in)